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Carsulae theater: June 28th - July 26th

Carsulae theater: June 28th - July 26th



from 28 June 2019 to 26 July 2019



In the evocative location of the Roman theater of Carsulae, the summer theater season kicks off with six scheduled shows. The inaugural appointment is at 8.45 pm with the performance "Moby Dick", readings by actor Alessandro Preziosi. The next five shows that will take place in July see Luca Violini on stage with "The last rite for Astarte" crime at the temple of the Goddess of the Moon; A classic from the Greek world: "Trojan women" by Seneca; "Amatore": a show of theater, music and dance; "From the earth to the moons": a cosmic journey in the company of Plutarch, Kepler and Huygens; Last show “Odisesso all'isola dei Feaci” by Giuseppe Cederna.

Advance tickets for Tuesday 18 June at the CAOS central box office

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