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Piediluco Festival 2019

Piediluco Festival 2019



from 15 July 2019 to 13 August 2019


Pidiluco - Terni

The edition of Festival Piediluco 2019 offers a rich calendar of initiatives, a collection of arts and places where music is accompanied by poetry and saggistica.                                       Chamber music concerts and the other events are free entrance. As every year, the Festival is accompained by a didactic way with the Masterclass and high level teachers where 55 young people, between 13 and 17 years old, take part for a week, coming from Rieti and from the Academy of S. Cecilia of Rome, they will perform in the final concerts from 23 July to 13 August.
During the whole festival, in P.zza Bonanni, there will be various exhibition stands for handcrafted products.

The event program

The event is managed by the Organisation Mirabil Eco in collaboration with Comune di Terni, la Regione Umbria and la Camera di Commercio di Terni

St Valentine
Marmore falls
Historic centre